What is Microsuction?

What is microsuction wax removal?

Microsuction is a method used to remove excessive earwax which can build up in the ear causing irritation and/or blockage. This is done using a medical suction device which allows us to safely and effectively remove the wax.


Why Microsuction?

Microsuction is the safest method of wax removal as unlike other methods such as syringing, our Audiologist can clearly see the ear canal and therefore see exactly what they are doing. We can also show you the condition of your ear before and after the procedure using a video otoscope so you can see the change for yourself.


Is it messy?

No, unlike syringing/irrigation no water is being flushed into the ear canal which makes it as mess free and comfortable as possible.


Do I need to put ear drops in before my microsuction appointment?

With microsuction we may be able to remove the ear wax without any prior softening of the wax through use of ear drops or olive oil, however we strongly recommend that you do use one of these methods before coming to see us to avoid any disappointment. If we are unable to remove the wax because it is too hard we will have to send you away to put some drops/oil in your ears for a day or two before you pop back to see us.


We charge £60 for both ears and £40 for just the one, however if you have bought hearing aids from us microsuction is free for life as we pride ourselves on giving an all round service. We also offer home visits for this service as we appreciate not everyone can travel into Ruthin.

For any questions please feel free to call us on 01824 719222